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College Journalism - About.com
What do you need to land a summer internship? Here you'll learn everything you want - and need - to know about the world of college journalism.
Getting a Journalism Job - Things To Do in College to Get a ...
That starts at your college newspaper. Journalism classes are fine, but there's no substitute for writing real stories, on a real deadline, that get a real byline in a ...
Journalism Career Trajectory From High School to College
From High School to College Graduation, Here's What You Need To Do To Prepare For a Career in Journalism.
Do You Need a Bachelor's Degree to Be a Journalist? - Journalism
I've written before about the pros and cons of getting a journalism degree compared to a degree in another field. But I teach at a community college where many ...
Six Things You Need to do to Land a Journalism Job
A look at what you can do to land a full-time staff job in journalism. ... others may be content to write a few articles here and there for their college paper, you have  ...
Pros and Cons of Majoring in Journalism - About.com
So you're starting college (or going back after working awhile) and want to pursue a journalism career. Should you major in journalism? Take a few journalism ...
Top Five Tips for Journalism Students - About.com
If you're a journalism student or even just a college student who's thinking about a career in the news business, chances are you've encountered a lot of ...
Can You Learn to be a Journalist From an Online College Course?
But then he signed up for an online journalism course, and very quickly ran into problems. Instead of being assigned to read passages from books or websites, ...
How College Newspapers Can Cover Elections - Journalism - About ...
There are plenty of good reasons why college newspapers should cover ... news student journalists can acquire the kind of real reporting experience that they ...
A Look at How You Should Choose the Right Journalism School
There are dozens if not hundreds of journalism programs at colleges and universities nationwide, so choosing the one that's right for you can be a dizzying  ...
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