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The Structure of the Courts - State and Federal Court System - Court ...
The bottom rung of the graphic represents federal federal district courts, where most federal court cases begin. However, unlike the local courts in the state court  ...
The Structure of the State Court System - Journalism - About.com
The Structure of the Courts - State and Federal Court System - Court Structure.
US Federal Court System Primer - US Government - About.com
Often called the "guardians of the Constitution," the federal court system exists to fairly and impartially interpret and apply the law, resolve disputes and, perhaps ...
Understanding the Bankruptcy Court System - About.com
These specialized courts are subunits of the federal district courts, as established by Congress in 1979. Understanding the system of bankruptcy courts is ...
The U.S. Federal Judicial Branch - US Government - About.com
The Supreme Court hears a select number of cases that may have originated either in lower federal courts or in state courts. These cases generally hinge on a  ...
Early Development of the US Court System - American History
While the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, it has limited administrative authority over the federal courts. It wasn't until 1934 that Congress gave it ...
A Brief History of the US Supreme Court - US Government - About.com
Early federal courts failed to issue strong opinions or even take on controversial cases. The Supreme Court was not even sure if it had the power to consider the ...
The Supreme Court and U.S. Court System - US Government
In the U.S. federal judicial system, one court alone operates in almost total secrecy, its deliberations and decisions closed to the public. Created in 1978, the  ...
Canadian Federal Courts - Supreme Court of Canada and ...
Federal courts in Canada include specialized courts, such as the Tax Court of Canada, and the highest appeal court in Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada.
U.S. Supreme Court Jurisdiction - US Government - About.com
The jurisdiction and constitutional authority of the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Federal Courts Links · Bankruptcy Courts Links · Judiciary Links & Articles.
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