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A Look at What We Mean By Citizen Journalism - About.com
Put very simply, citizen journalism is when private individuals do essentially what professional reporters do - report information. That information can take many ...
Citizen Journalism - News Reporting - Citizen Journalism
Want to break into the brave new world of citizen journalism? Here's where you can learn how to get your news reports online using blogs, web sites and ...
Five Steps For Getting Started in Citizen Journalism
If you're going to be a citizen journalist you need to know what exactly citizen journalism is all about. The more you learn about citizen journalism, the better ...
Citizen Journalism - Definition of Citizen journalism - Journalism terms
Definition: Citizen Journalism is when private individuals do essentially what professional reporters do – report information. That information can take many ...
Once Hailed as Revolutionary, Citizen Journalism Remains a Work ...
What ever happened to citizen journalism? A few years ago it was all the rage with online media geeks, who hailed it as an important part of journalism's future  ...
Citizen Journalism - Tools for citizen journalism - About.com
So you want to get started as a citizen journalist covering events in your community? Here are a few basic tools of the trade.
Tips For Doing Quality Citizen Journalism - About.com
As a citizen journalist you're essentially an independent operator, free of the constraints and bureaucracy of a professional newsroom. But working on your own ...
Citizen Journalism Websites - About.com
Want to create a citizen journalism website that will attract both pageviews and advertisers? The key, says expert Steve Outing, is to feature great content.
Citizen Journalism and the Iranian Uprising - About.com
As the Iranian regime cracked down, Iranians using the tools of citizen journalism - cellphones and digital cameras, and blogs, Facebook and Twitter, chronicled ...
Can Bloggers Replace Professional Journalists? - Journalism
The answer is no. Blogs can't replace papers or news websites. But bloggers can supplement the work of reporters. And that's where citizen journalism comes in ...
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