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When Writing News Stories, Forget About Chronology - Journalism
Here's what I mean. Let's say you have a story about a house fire in the town of Centerville in which a family of five is killed. Many beginning journalism students  ...
How to Structure News Stories - Journalism - About.com
There are a few basic rules for writing and structuring any news story. If you're accustomed to other types of writing – such as fiction – these rules may seem odd  ...
Reporting - Thorough Reporting of News Stories - Journalism
After all, sloppy writing can be cleaned up by a good editor, but an editor can't compensate for a poorly-reported story that lacks important information. So what  ...
Want to Learn to Write News Stories? Just Follow the ... - Journalism
But the great thing about newswriting is that it follows a basic format. Learn that format and you'll be able to write news stories, whether you're a naturally ...
Story Ideas - Finding and Developing Ideas for News Stories and ...
For a reporter, it's not hard to find things to write about when a big news story is breaking. But what about those slow news days when there are no fires, ...
10 Steps For Producing The Perfect News Story
So you want to produce your first news story, but not sure where to begin, or what to do along the way. Creating a news article is actually a series of tasks that ...
Enterprise Reporting and News Stories - Journalism - About.com
To a good reporter, many stories are obviously important to cover – a house fire, a homicide, an election, a new state budget. But what about those slow news ...
Getting the Facts Right on Breaking News Stories - Journalism
You're covering a breaking news story - a shooting, a fire, a tornado - it could be anything. Lots of media outlets are covering the same thing, so competition to ...
Localizing News Stories - News Reporting - Localizing National News
So you've combed the local police precinct, city hall and the courthouse for stories, but you're looking for something more. National and international news ...
How to Find Ideas for News Articles - Journalism - About.com
Here are some places you can dig up ideas for news articles. Once you're written your article, see if you can get it published.
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