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Reporting - Thorough Reporting of News Stories - Journalism
Editors have a term for information that's missing from a news story. They call it a "hole," and if you give an editor a story that's lacking information, he or she will ...
Enterprise Reporting and News Stories - Journalism - About.com
To a good reporter, many stories are obviously important to cover – a house fire, a homicide, an election, a new state budget. But what about those slow news ...
10 Steps For Producing The Perfect News Story
So you want to produce your first news story, but not sure where to begin, or what to do along the way. Creating a news article is actually a series of tasks that ...
Tips on Covering Speeches for News Stories - Journalism - About.com
Background material, which typically goes at the bottom of your story, ... Banksy Street Art Restored For Auction - Mary Turner/Stringer/Getty Images News/.
Quotes - Getting Good Quotes For News Stories
Getting "Good" Quotes For a News Story. ... ones should you use? Reporters often talk about using only “good” quotes for their stories, but what does this mean?
How to Structure News Stories - Journalism - About.com
There are a few basic rules for writing and structuring any news story. If you're accustomed to other types of writing – such as fiction – these rules may seem odd  ...
Localizing News Stories - News Reporting - Localizing National News
So you've combed the local police precinct, city hall and the courthouse for stories, but you're looking for something more. National and international news ...
How to Use Attribution in a News Story - Journalism - About.com
Attribution simply means telling your readers where the information in your story comes from, as well as who is being quoted. Generally, attribution means using ...
How to Find Ideas for News Articles - Journalism - About.com
Here are some places you can dig up ideas for news articles. Once you're written your article, see if you can get it published.
Journalism: What Is a Feature Story?
Feature stories can be about anything from news to business to sports.They are distinguished not by subject matter but by the way they are written.
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