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Feature Writing

Journalism isn't just about straight news stories with short ledes that get right to the point. Feature writing breaks out of the hard-news format and allows the creative types among us to tell stories in a more creative and compelling way.

What Are Feature Stories?
Features can be about any subject, from the fluffiest lifestyle piece to the toughest investigative report.

Writing Ledes for Feature Stories
A very different style from hard-news ledes

What Are the Different Kinds of Feature Stories?
Just as there are different kinds of hard-news stories, there are lots of different kinds of features

Five Key Ingredients for Cooking Up Terrific Feature Stories
Features tell the stories of people's lives

Feature Stories: What You Should Use, and What You Should Leave Out
How much detail, description and background information is too much - or too little?

Why is it So Important to be Able to Write Feature Stories?
Why is it So Important to be Able to Write Feature Stories?

Get the Human Element Into the Lede of Your Feature Story
Get the Human Element Into the Lede of Your Feature Story

Five Tips for Producing Great News Features
News features combine a featurey writing style with hard-news reporting

Turn a Boring Meeting Story Into a Spot-News Feature Readers Will Remember
Writing a Spot-News Feature

Five Feature Stories You Can Do in Your Hometown

Tips For Writing Spot Feature Stories
Spot features are just what they sound like - feature stories written on a spot-news, or breaking-news deadline

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Feature Stories
Newswriting is great, but for those who love words and the craft of writing, there's nothing like producing a great feature story

Ledes That Come in a Flash of Inspiration
It's a moment every reporter has experienced. You're struggling with the lede, the all-important opening of your story that will either lure readers in or send them packing. Nothing works until suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a great lede pops into you head, fully written.

Add Drama to Your Feature Stories by Using Short Sentences and Paragraphs
Newswriting, Short Sentences and Paragraphs - Add Drama to Your News Stories by Using Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Eight Things You Learned in English Class That You Need to Forget
All those years of English class have probably left you with a lot of bad habits

So You Want to Be a Critic?
Writing great reviews is a real art, one that many have tried but only a few have mastered

Seven Tips for Producing Great Profiles
The personality profile is an article about an individual, and profiles are one of the staples of feature writing

Use Verbs & Adjectives Wisely
Most editors will tell you that beginning writers need to use fewer adjectives and stronger, more interesting verbs

Tips for Producing Great Trend Stories
Keep it Bright and Tight

Cut the Jargon Out of Your News Stories
Jargon - How to Cut Jargon From News Stories

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