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Tech Training

It used to be that if you knew how to do an interview and write a news story, you could be a reporter. Those days are ending. Now the name of the game in the news business is versatility, and that means technical skills. Here you can learn about the tech skills 21st century journalists must have, everything from how to create a blog to shooting digital video.

Five Tech Skills That Will Make You More Marketable

A Citizen Journalist's Toolkit

Interviewing: Notebooks vs. Recorders

Cheap and Easy Ways to Establish Your Presence Online

Promote Yourself and Your Work Online

Use Blogger to Create An Online Clip Portfolio

Six Steps to Creating an Online Article Portfolio

Great News Web Widgets to Jazz Up Your Blog or Website

Free and Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software Programs
Video Editing Software - Free and Easy to Use Video Editing Software Programs

Tips for Shooting Digital Video

Six Key Elements of a Person-on-the-Street Video Interview Report

Journalists Find That Twitter Can Be An Effective Reporting Tool

Journalists Use Facebook to Find Sources and Promote Stories

More Reporters Are Creating Their Own Websites

Is There Too Much Tech Training at the Nation's Journalism Schools?

Using Audacity to Record Sound Files
Audacity - Using Audacity to Record Sound Files

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