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Journalism Basics: A Guide to the News Business


Here you can read about the history of journalism, different kinds of journalism, the skills and equipment you need and the ethical considerations that go into being a reporter or editor.
  1. What Is Journalism?
  2. Skills
  3. Equipment
  4. Ethics

What Is Journalism?

From the invention of the printing press to the American revolution and the rise of the country's great newspapers, the history of journalism is a fascinating journey. Read about it here. Also, learn about the First Amendment and libel law, the foundations of Americans press freedoms, and get acquainted with the newsroom terms and lingo used by real reporters.


From doing your first interview to writing a lede, here are some of the basic skills you'll need for producing well-reported and tightly written news stories.


The 21st-century journalist needs more than just a reporter's notebook and a pen to do the job. Here are some of the kinds of gear you'll need to be as versatile as possible.


The power of the press is enormous. But with that power comes responsibility. All good journalists observe a professional code of conduct and ethics. Learn about those here.

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