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Graduating from Journalism School? Tips for Landing That First Job


So you've taken your required courses, written for the student newspaper and maybe done an internship or two. Graduation day is looming, your career as a college student is about to end, and you're ready to start your career as a journalist. Here are tips for landing that first entry-level job as soon as possible.

1. Create a Great Resume

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There are three elements to a print journalism job application package - your cover letter, resume and clips. Of these, your resume is the thing that will probably first get an editor's attention, so you've got one shot to make a great first impression. Here's how to get it right.

2. Write A Killer Cover Letter

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A good cover letter is an important part of a job application in any field, but in journalism - where great writing skills are essential - it's critical to have a cover letter that'll leave 'em impressed. So here are some steps you can follow to write a cover letter that'll knock 'em dead.

3. Get Your Clip Portfolio Together

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Clips are copies of your published articles. Most reporters save copies of every story they've ever had published, from high school onward. You need them to get a job in print or web journalism. Clips are often the deciding factor in whether a person is hired or not. Here you'll find tips on creating a great clip portfolio.

4. Create an Online Clip Portfolio

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More and more professional reporters are creating their own websites or blogs to showcase their work. But even if you're a student or citizen journalist, you can use Blogger, a free service from Google, to quickly set up an online portfolio of your clips.

5. Prepare for Your Job Interviews

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So you've applied for a journalism job or internship, and the editor has called you in for an interview. What can you do to make a great impression and maximize your chances of landing the job? Here are five tips.

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