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Issues and Controversies in Journalism


There's never been a more tumultuous time in the news business. Newspapers are drastically downsizing or even facing bankruptcy or the prospect of going out of business entirely. Web journalism is on the rise and taking many forms, but there are real questions about whether it can really replace newspapers. Press freedom, meanwhile, continues to be nonexistent or under threat in many countries around the world, and controversies about issues like journalistic objectivity and fairness continue to rage. Here's where you can stay up-to-date on the latest hot topics in the news business.
  1. Print Journalism in Peril
  2. The Rise of Web Journalism
  3. Press Freedoms & Reporters' Rights
  4. Bias, Balance and Brouhaha

Print Journalism in Peril

Newspapers are in trouble. Circulation is dropping, ad revenue is shrinking, and the industry has experienced an unprecedented wave of layoffs & cutbacks. So what does the future hold?

The Rise of Web Journalism

With the decline of newspapers web journalism seems to be the future of the news business. But what exactly do we mean by web journalism? And can it really replace newspapers?

Press Freedoms & Reporters' Rights

In the United States the press enjoys a great deal of freedom to report critically and objectively on the important issues of the day. But in much of the world press freedom is either limited or virtually nonexistent, and reporters are often thrown in jail, beaten or even killed just for doing their jobs. Here you'll find stories about the state of press freedom around the world, and the risks journalists must take to report the truth.

Bias, Balance and Brouhaha

Is the press objective? Which news outlet is really fair and balanced, and what does that actually mean? How can be reporters set aside their biases and really report the truth? Here you'll find stories on objectivity in the media and the debates that rage over what fairness really means in the news business.

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